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Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) graduates are holding their Digital Graphic Communication Graduation Exhibition 2007.

This year’s unusual theme is “ARGHHHH!!!”.

Leung Chu Hang, one of the student organisers , explained the playful theme.

“We want to tell people about our attitude,” said Mr Leung.

“Our year is a group of crazy design students, and the ‘ARGHHHH!!!’ is an explosive sound that embodies the spirit of our craziness.”

The exhibition, open until Thursday, gives 21 recent graduates of the HKBU School of Communication the chance to showcase their artistic talents.

With a 10-year history, this year’s event is not only a celebration of the university’s digital design achievements, but a new direction for the exhibition.

“We tried very hard to make it stand apart from previous exhibitions,” said Mr Leung.

Everything, from animations and advertisements to graphic designs, is on display. Visitors can also get a taste of interactive multimedia games - infrared sensors that allow players to simulate arm and leg movements for a thrilling gaming experience.

The department of communication studies (DGC) prepares students for professional careers in visual imagery and interactive multimedia.

The three-year programme teaches students about graphic design, multimedia applications, and 2D and 3D animation.

For the graduates, the exhibition is a memorable moment in their artistic careers. “After three years of learning, we have a lot of ideas and we’ve spent a lot of precious moments with our classmates,” said Mr Leung.

“I think the exhibition is a good way to end university life and to learn to work together with others.

“I hope that the audience will not only look at the work we have created, but understand and see what we are.

“I hope that they can explore the crazy side of themselves like we did.”

M.J. Lee
South China Morning Post


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